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Main and secondary Water lines

Water lines

Nowadays, when we have to intervene on water lines we usually have to substitute or repair old pipelines. 

Vermeer Rent can support you with a fleet that can be adapted to different projects: main line interventions or secondary ones, jobsites in urban areas or suburban districts. 

Vermeer Rent technicians can support you in every different jobsite.

Depending on the project you have, you can rent a rockwheel trencher or a pipeline trencher, equipped with trenching attachment. we can give you the best option needed.

Rent a trencher can be a good solution in those situations where the purchase of a new or used equipped is not convenient. The elements to evaluate if the rental option is good one can be: 

1. Extent of the project you have to deal with,

2. Possibility of future similar projects,

3. Complexity of the project (rental option with operator),

4. Financial aspects connected to difficulties of purchase.

Rental has some objective advantages: 

Contact us and find out what is the best trencher rental option for your jobsite.


trenchers for Water lines: