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Optic fiber

Optic fiber

Optic fiber field is in constant expansion. The network update is continuous and a trencher rental can be the best solution to complete in a precise, fast and profitable way a project. Often, optic fiber installations consist of a short line installation. 

For this reason, many specialists choose to rent a trencher equipped with a minitrenching wheel to complete the project with the best technology.

Either you have to work in an urban area or in peripheral areas, Vermeer Rent can provide the professional expertise you need to complete every project in an efficient way. 

For optic fiber projects, usually the best equipment is a trencher with  rockwheel or minitrenching attachment, thanks to their narrow dimensions and the maneuvrability provided by four steering wheels. 

If there are not the conditions to purchase a new or second-hand trencher, rental is the perfect solution. You can consider the following parameters to evaluate a rental option:

1. Extent of the jobsite, 

2. Prediction of future similar projects,

3. Complexity of the jobsite (rental with operator), 

4. Financial aspects connected to limitation of purchase. 

Moreover, some rental advantages are: 

Contact a Vermeer Rent product specialist in order to choose the best rental option.

You can choose between a rental with operator or without operator.


Trenchers for the optic fiber: